Terms of Use

Terms and conditions are very important to conduct the webdesignblog.info in a seamless manner. The terms and conditions that are mentioned below are applicable for all users and engage web visitors who plan to avail any services that are provided by the https://callzingo.com/

Agree with Terms and Conditions

There is no way that you will be able to avail any services that are offered on our blog if you are not willing to abide by the terms and conditions of our blogs. In order to pursue your partnership and association with our webdesignblog.info, it is crucial that you agree to all terms and conditions first. Read ahead to quickly overview all the main facets of our terms of use policy.

Cost of Services

All cost of services is pre-determined by the website. The charges for each services vary from one service to another. The cost of services varies accordingly to the services with a fair return policy of up to 30 days. In case the 30-day time period is surpassed you will not be able to claim a refund for the services but can surely withdraw using them at any time whatsoever.

Client Testimonials

The clients who are regular and loyal to the website always have the chance to write reviews on the website. The webdesignblog.info offers an open source platform to all users to leave their testimonials on the website in regard of the platforms layout, design, published content and services. The testimonials will be published authentically on the website without being tampered with in any way. If you submit a comment or a review to the website, it will be posted on the blog within 10 days until prior removal.

Payment Methods

Payments are carried out in a very comprehensive and supervised manner. The payments are released on monthly basis. All clients that are working with any customers will submit an invoice to the blog 5 days prior to expected payment day. Only after the final invoice is reviewed by the officials the payments will be made accordingly.

Control Over Published Content

All content that is published on the website is under control by us. Though we welcome guest content by users but the site has complete access over all data published on the webdesignblog.info. However, as officials on the website, we have sole access over all the published content on the web blog. If any source to the published content is unknown or any published data is offensive or invasive the site has complete authority to edit, change or remove any piece of published information of the website.

Responsible of Inefficiency of Work

The services that we promise to offer to our customers is superlative and high end. We promise all services to be up to the mark and top notch quality. As providers of top services we also take up responsibility to provide services that are promising and fulfilling enough for the customers. Nevertheless, if ever the efficiency or quality of the services is compromised on from our end we are always willing to take full responsibility of the inefficiency or lack of quality of work. If in case, we fail to meet a given deadline or deliver work in a specified time frame we will pay a monetary compensation to the customers.

Additional Expenses Will Be Specified Beforehand

All expenses and cost of the services are specified clearly beforehand. So the customers will be able to avail services depending on the cost is pre-determined for varying projects on our website. If in case there is additional or surplus cost that is applicable on any service or project, it will be mentioned before the project commences. The customers will be informed about all additional cost on services as well as the division of the cost accordingly. If in case the customer is not willing to pay the additional price, he or she has every right to refuse the additional services or make customizations in the projects in accordance to their budget.

Termination of Services

The website has sole right to terminate or refuse services to any customers in case of any violation of the website’s rules, regulations, terms and conditions. The customers must agree to all terms and conditions of our webdesignblog.info before they become affiliated with it and build one-on-one working terms. After agreeing to all terms and conditions, it is crucial that all laws are obeyed and abide by. If in any case the services are violated or it is seen that the customers are not being honest in their manner of functionality – the website will have sole right to terminate the services immediately without any prior notice to the customers.


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